Sleep problems are common in children, with an estimated 25-40% experiencing a sleep problem at some point in childhood. The most common sleep problems include bedtime resistance, nighttime fears, difficulty sleeping independently, problems falling or staying asleep, and early morning awakenings.  Many sleep problems become chronic and, when left untreated, can result in significant daytime impairments. In particular, poor sleep is associated with disruptive behavior in children (Bates et al., 2002), but behavioral sleep interventions are considered highly effective for treating sleep difficulties (Mindell et al., 2006). We are currently conducting a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the impact of a manualized behavioral sleep intervention (The Sleep Train Program) on sleep and disruptive behavior in the context of a standard parent training intervention program.

The Sleep Train Program integrates the most up-to-date treatment approaches for sleep problems in young children with two required modules (All About Sleep and Sleep Routines) and up to four optional modules (Settling to Sleep, Staying Asleep, Addressing Nighttime Fears, and Sleeping Independently), each of which has corresponding treatment handouts, worksheets, and example videos. 
Videos are described below, with links to a vimeo site for viewing.  If you are interested in viewing or sharing our Sleep Train videos, please take this brief (1 minute) REDCap surveyAfter completing the survey we will send you passwords required to access each video.


All About Sleep / Sleep Routines

All About Sleep / Sleep Train

This 6-minute video corresponds to our two required intervention modules, All About Sleep and Sleep Routines. The video provides an overview about the importance of sleep, child sleep needs, and how to establish a good bedtime routine. 

Independent Sleep

Independent Sleep

This 1.5-minute video corresponds to one of our optional intervention modules, Sleeping Independently. The video offers suggestions to help children learn to fall asleep and return to sleep independently.

Staying in Bed

Staying in bed

This 1-minute video provides suggestions for children who frequently get out of bed for various reasons at bedtime. The video corresponds to our optional intervention module, Settling to Sleep.

Bedtime Pass

Bedtime Pass

This 1-minute video provides a helpful strategy, the bedtime pass program, which can also be used when children have frequent "curtain calls", asking for their parent or getting out of bed rather than staying in bed quietly to settle to sleep at bedtime.